Method of using silicone structural adhesive

2023-08-05 22:54:19

The following is a detailed introduction to the usage methods of silicone structural adhesive, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

One component silicone structural adhesive can be directly applied to the bonding between aluminum and glass. It is hydrolyzed by absorbing moisture in the air. The Condensation reaction is cured from the outside to the inside. The glue application room is required to be clean, with the temperature not lower than 23 ℃ and the relative humidity not lower than 40%. Otherwise, the curing will be affected and the strength of the adhesive layer will be reduced.

Single component silicone structural adhesive is divided into acidic and neutral types. When the acidic adhesive solidifies, it releases acetic acid, which corrodes the film layer of the coated glass produced by vacuum magnetic sputtering method for concealed frame curtain walls, forming a flower face. Therefore, neutral silicone structural adhesive should be used.

Two component silicone structural adhesive needs to be added with an accelerator to the base adhesive before use, and then mixed and coated between aluminum and glass in the adhesive machine for bonding and curing. Both component adhesives are neutral adhesives.

Silicone structural adhesive has one characteristic. That is to say, there is a compatibility problem between the adhesive and the aluminum, glass and foam strips to be bonded. The compatibility test needs to be done, but this test cannot be done for the time being.

If the compatibility test results indicate that the structural adhesive is incompatible with one of the three materials, even during the bonding process, different strength indicators meet the requirements at that time. After six months or a little longer, the silicone structural adhesive will begin to change color and deteriorate into a liquid state, losing its bonding ability, and the glass will fall off, causing serious consequences. So in order to ensure the bonding ability of silicone structural adhesive for a longer time, compatibility tests need to be conducted.